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MiniMCR is now in community size! We reached our friends limit so everyone has been defriended from the original LJ for your privacy - however feel free to add the comm so that you can read the comic on your friends page.There is no need for me to add you back here for you to read the comic, it will appear on your friends page if you just add me.

If you're completely new to the site I suggest you go have a peek at our FAQ, especially if you're curious about anything. It won't bite. Honest.

Disclaimer: MiniMCR is not endorsed by realMCR, the events in the comic do not happen, we are not representative of the real MCR in anyway, and do not own them or any of their trademarks, copyrights etc
The art and writing of minimcr, and everything original in it is copyright to me, Kirsty 2005 - now. Please do not reproduce it or edit it. That means do not post the cartoons elsewhere, e.g. Buzznet, Myspace, other LJ accounts, Flikr, Bebo...etc Do however spread the links to the LJ and use the icons or make your own as much as you like!
30th-May-2011 12:35 am - New comic [love you all, new comic]
Ahoy, me heartys! Sadly it seems I'm out of minimcr ideas, if you had not guessed this already.

I am however learning how to do 'proper' comics (ie. using a standard page size, with a story and characters that are 100% my own), and I thought I would post now that I've really got going on the project.

If you'd like to follow my progress (and the story), take a peek at 164days . If you just want to view the pages, click here to go to the first one. If you're more interested in the entire process and my crazy preliminary sketches, mad page redraws and fun concept art. head to the start of the LJ.

I now draw like this:

(Except with more colours)

This is SO much fun, and I'd love it if any of you would like to join me on this :)

Genre wise its semi steampunk, semi fantasy, character driven and great fun to draw.
23rd-Nov-2010 10:08 pm - UStream
  I'm trying out UStream tonight, if anyone is around to help me test it/get used to how it works or who wants to see my very special way of drawing that shouldn't work but does.

I can't guarantee minimcr artwork but it might be fun anyway :D
18th-Nov-2010 09:25 pm - Citizens [bl/ind]
I would like to alert you all to the launch of our Inner Internet website BetterLivingIndustries.jp
And now, a public service message

Have a Better day
16th-Nov-2010 05:28 pm - Citizens [bl/ind]
We have been alerted to illegal transmissions on this channel. For your safety we have taken control of this frequency.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that the killing of flies is now considered destruction of government property and is a crime.

Keep working hard to stay alive.

Have a BETTER day.

Hello everyone. I miss you guys, your comments always made me smile :D Unfortunately you cannot pump out ideas (unless paid for it maybe, tehe) so hence, lack of updates. However since the new album is being dangled at us all like a very shiny carrot, I have redrawn new!MiniMCR. Now with hands :D

Look alive, sunshine