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now in community size!

MiniMCR - now in community size!
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For the webcomic miniMCR, the adventures of MCR in miniature form.

MiniMCR is one fans rather strange tribute to My Chemical Romance. I will make one thing clear: their personalities are NOT EXACTLY the same (as I don't know them. Oddly.) They are different people. MiniGerard is 2 inches high. Actual Gerard is not. (Sorry...) So they are cartoonised. No complaints about how 'OMFG [insert name here] would so TOTALLY not do that!' Just enjoy the silliness. And the cuteness. MiniMCR is here to keep you amused.

minimcr, obviously
lapifors! She is an ebil mod entity who stalks minimcr like Darth Vader :P Don't cross her. She now has full mod powers, and she will abuse them accordingly. However, she does do the voices for the animations. So she's sekretly awesome. She will usually post an off topic question to the posts in the first comment. You are expected to respond to the question, or you will be banned from the community. We check up on this! Don't think we won't!*

Much love is sent to kireina for help with html on this here page!

*we won't.

Disclaimer: MiniMCR is not endorsed by realMCR, the events in the comic do not happen, we are not representative of the real MCR in anyway, and do not own them or any of their trademarks, copyrights etc

The art and writing of minimcr, and everything original in it is copyright to me, Kirsty 2005, 2006, 2007. Please do not reproduce it or edit it. That means do not post the cartoons elsewhere, e.g. Buzznet, Myspace, other LJ accounts, Flikr, Bebo...etc

How is MiniMCR created?
MiniMCR has existed in many guises:
Sketch on plain paper
Watercolour (but only for one toon)
Drawn in pen, scanned and coloured in paintshop pro with a mouse D:
Drawn in pencil and coloured in photoshop with the tablet
Drawn in fine pen and coloured in Photoshop
Drawn in marker pen and coloured in Photoshop
Drawn straight into Photoshop on the tablet

Currently I use Photoshop CS2 and my WACOM tablet to colour the comics. Older comics are coloured with Paint Shop Pro 8, and even older ones are plain sketches.

Who the hell would make a comic like this? Weirdo.
Hi. I'm Kirsty. I'm an Illustration student with a weird sense of humour and obviously too much time on her hands.

Please don't ask me to do something for you, as I'm busy with my own work.PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME FOR GIFT ART, SEND ME COMIC IDEAS OR FOR MY PERSONAL INFORMATION OR IM ADDRESSES. I don't do personal art as it is unfair to other people to just give it to one person, as a rule I only use my own ideas and I don't give away information to random people. Thank you.

I'm a member of/all of real!MCR...and I'm [a bit disturbed/quite flattered actually] (delete as appropriate)
Well, hi! [Don't worry, its all just fanart really, and I wouldn't stalk you/I'm glad you like it!]

Why do you spell words funny?
I'm British. Obviously we're a bit eccentric and attached to the letter u

I have a question...
So post it in the livejournal, email me (look up for the addy), message me on myspace, or in the shoutbox. Best to post in the LJ if possible though.

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If you're interested in affiliating with me, email me!

Feel free to use these icons, just credit me please :)
A great way to do that would be to paste this into the keywords or comment fields:

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Colourbar post

More icons coming as I do more colour pictures of them. If you wish to make any of my comics into icons, please ask (I'll most likely say YES) and credit MiniMCR to here! Thanxies!

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